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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

World Class Chili

93 Pike Street
(206) 623-3678
by Mohammed Al-Naim and Soon Hyun Hong

The world class chili restaurant is hot. There are many chili dishes and they taste succulent.

If you like to eat spicy food, we recommend this restaurant without doubt. Although it is tiny, their chili dishes are hot, as in popular. If you order any chili “hot”, tears will overflow your face because it will be very spicy. There are various choices, such as Texas chili, California chili, and Vegetarian chili. The prices depend on dish sizes: Texas bowl ($5.78) or Alaska bowl ($11.53)

Also, there are many other dishes, such as BBQ Sampler Sandwich and Macaroni and Cheese. The prices, which range from $1.82 to $5.78, are pretty cheap, yet so delicious. The main dishes include a side dish: cornbread or chips.

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