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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pike Pub and Brewery

1415 1st Avenue
(206) 622-6044

by Javiera Olivares Iriarte, Rocio Olivares Iriarte and Alali Sultan

The Pike Pub and Brewery restaurant is a traditional kind of American restaurant: it has great beer, nice food, and an original atmosphere.They make great beer in the restaurant and they have a lot of kinds of beer. We recommend these two beers: the Pale Ale and the bitter India Pale. While you are sitting in the restaurant you are able to see the tanks where the beer is made.

The food is tasty. You can try the Garlic Grilled Shrimp with brown rice or the best fried fish you will ever try. However, this is not a place to go to for lunch when you are in hurry because the service is slow.

The atmosphere is delightful and original. It’s a big place and the illumination is soft. The colors are well matched and invite you to stay longer. The music is not loud and lets you hear you friends.

Reviewed again in April 2008
by Hui-Shan Kao, Hye Jin Park and Eunsil Yang

The Pike is located on 1415 1st avenue in downtown Seattle. The restaurant looks a little bit old-fashioned. If you want to buy some souvenirs, they sell T-shirts, cups, and hats. There are three reasons that we recommend you to go this restaurant.

The Pike’s atmosphere is unique American style. We could enjoy meals with relaxing music. The arrangement there was perfect. You would never feel it was crowded.

The three dishes were Broken Arrow burger, Garlic Roasted Prawns, and Pizza. The first was Roasted Garlic Prawns, and it was served on a rice pilaf, garlic butter, fresh prawns and vegetables .Thus, the taste was excellent. The beef burger is called “Broken Arrow Burger” ($8.95) and it was juicy and very tasty. The pizza was made using white, sour cheese, a unique BBQ sauce, and many fresh vegetables. Therefore, we ate with gusto and felt satisfied.

There were many servers. More than ten of them. They refilled our drinks when they noticed that we had finished. The most important thing was that they always had beautiful smiles on their faces.

We’d like to recommend this restaurant to other people who enjoy eating American Food. The service was good, atmosphere was really relaxing, and the food was really tasty and juicy. So next time, if your friend asks you, “Which restaurant would recommend to us?” You are going to say, “The Pike Brewing Co.

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