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Monday, March 19, 2007

Thai Ginger

600 Pine St., Suite 406

Cinema Level

(206) 749-9100

By Chen Pei Hsuan, Bai Man Jian, Yang Chi-Hung and Sunsanee Anuchitputin

Do you want to experience an unforgettable awesome Thai food? Thai Ginger is the best choice.

At the first step when we entered Thai Ginger restaurant, we were dazzled by its decor in traditional Thai style. We couldn’t stop looking around and admiring Thai characteristics. Then we were mesmerized by aroma of food that placed in front of us. At our first tasted, we were not curious why a lot of customers were waiting for their seats. This is not only because of the warm atmosphere but also the traditional cuisine in Thai Ginger.The Thai Ginger restaurant provides customers with an exotic adventure in various choices. The exploring starts by the entrance. There are two wooden Buddhas on the door to welcome customers with peaceful smiles. When people step into the restaurant, the delicately sculptured traditional pillars and girders attract their attention and lead them to another side of Pacific Ocean-Thailand. Inside the restaurant, the lantern-like lamps, which are called “coms” in Thailand, are slung down from the ceiling, effusing the splendid light from blue and red covers. Around some of the covers there are “rattan weavings” (a Tai-style weaving), which add an oriental atmosphere to the restaurant. Under the dim lamplight, the gold and red mysterious wall patterns, which are usually in the Tai temples, shine secretly.

In Thai Ginger there are many kinds of seats for customers to choose from. Each kind has its own characteristic. Sitting on the soft sofa by the wooden window lattices may be a good choice. Observing people passing by while having a candlelit feast comfortably is an enjoyment. Also, people may try the traditional seats. The square wooden table and four stout chairs with Thai-style carvings on them provide customers an unusual experience. For people who want to have other entertainment, there is another alternative- the seats next to the bar, which allow customers to watch TV as they enjoy their meals. The last kind of seats is in front of the skillful chefs. Admiring the chefs’ performing and watching how materials become delicious meals are both great pleasures.


The Thai restaurant can make you feel like you are eating at your home because of the great service and wonderful waiters and waitresses.The first people that you meet when you enter the restaurant are the waiters or the waitresses. Their attitudes are very important to customers. The waiters or waitresses in the restaurant are awesome. When you are deciding what to eat they always have the patience to wait for you with a smiling face. They are also kind to everybody. They face the customer kindly and during the dishes they always ask the customer how was the meal and is everything okay.In conclusion, the service here is very good. You will want to go to this restaurant again and again.

The menu has many kinds of different local foods, but it is not as good as it could be, because there are no pictures inside.You can order and try different meals. In the case of the Yum Woon Sen ($9.95), it is like a salad, with bean thread noodle with a spicy lime sauce, and you mix various things inside, like chopped chicken, calamari, prawns, scallops, tomatoes and roasted peanuts. If you like curry, you must try the Yellow Curry Fried Rice ($9.95). It has jasmine rice with yellow curry, pineapple, carrots, cabbage, celery, and you can have a choice of different meats. There is another choice of fried rice Fried Rice Thai Ginger (9.95), without curry, it is spicier. The Pad Thai ($9.95) seemed like an ordinary noodle but tasted sweet. It’s a very famous Thai dish with stir – fried noodles, tofu, egg, bean, sprouts, and green onion. It really looks yummy! Even though the price is not cheap, it is very worth it.


It’s a restaurant that everybody can get to; you can get there by any transportation. It’s right in the mall. The restaurant’s location is wonderful and convenient. You just take the bus downtown and walk to Pacific Place or you drive downtown. There is a lot of parking space under the building. That’s really convenient. The restaurant is right in this big mall, which is in the building. It is really easy to find it. The restaurant’s sign and décor are showy. When you first see it, you can know that is the restaurant, which I discuss. In conclusion, everybody can get there and it’s really easy to find it. If you want to get there, just use any transportation.

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