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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sushi Land Marinepolis

803 5th Ave. N
(206) 267-7621

by Takahiro Azechi, Sou Honda, Ichido Kikukawa and Erika Ikeda

Do you know where Heaven is? We, Japanese students, go to a lot of sushi restaurants in Japan. We know many delicious sushi restaurants all over Japan. Do you know where delicious Japanese sushi restaurants are in Seattle? We do. We found a delicious Japanese sushi restaurant. It’s Sushi Land. Sushi Land is the heaven for students.

You can get to Sushi Land smoothly by bus from Seattle Pacific University. First, get on the #13 bus to downtownSeattle from Seattle Pacific University. Second, as soon as the bus goes into Queen Ann Avenue from 3rd Avenue West, get off the bus in front of Pizza Hut. Third, get on the #4 bus to Downtown Seattle in front of Otooto Sushi, that you can find easily. Fourth, when the bus enters 5th Avenue North, and you see Seven-Eleven on your left side, get off the bus. Finally, you can find Sushi Land on your right and the Space Needle at Seattle Center is on your left from the bus stop. Therefore, I strongly believe that you can arrive at Sushi Land smoothly by bus from Seattle Pacific University. The address is 803 5th Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109.

The Atmosphere of Sushi Land

As soon as you open the door of Sushi Land, you might be surprised by the new traditional style sushi bar, and even though you are not hungry, a great variety of sushi on the conveyer belt will stimulate your appetite. When you open the door of Sushi Land, lively staff with smiles welcome you and lead you to available seats. And then, you will be noticed that most of customers are from Asian countries.Finally, I found the most suitable word to express the atmosphere of Sushi Land, which is bright. If you glance at the open counter, you will be convinced. Sushi workers with uniforms are making ordered sushi skillfully and quickly. You might forget to eat and not be able to stop focusing on them. Sushi Land is a suitable place which serves you not only sushi but also fun of your eyes!

The Menu of Sushi Land

We didn’t expect that Sushi Land would have a good menu. Sushi is one of the Japanese traditional dishes and it’s difficult to make. And some foreigners, like many Americans, don’t like raw fish. That’s why we thought Sushi Land was hopeless. But it was not bad. It’s the same as Japanese sushi restaurants that we know.When you look at the menu, you can find various kind of sushi. There are a few different dishes from in Japan: rolls, for example, the California Roll, Ichiro Roll. And if you want to drink, you can drink Japanese beer: Sapporo, Kirin, Asahi and Japanese sake. Besides this, if you order a soft drink, you can refill it for free.Sushi seems to be expensive but this restaurant is reasonable. You could be full for around 10 dollars. And they inform you about the price by plate color. For instance, green is 1 dollar, orange is 1 dollar and 50 cents, blue is 2 dollars and purple is 3 dollars. You can count by yourself.Their dishes are commensurate with price. Actually, we know about a restaurant better in Japan. But we weren’t disappointed. We were satisfied with dishes for the cost. We think you can have a good time there. But don’t have great expectations. You can enjoy there if you don’t expect too much.


The service was quite poor at this restaurant, because it’s servers were rude. We could order any dish from a server, which we could not find on the conveyer belt. We ordered some food, but they didn’t bring all our orders. These were incomplete, and they repeated it 3 times. They easily forgot to serve us. Moreover, even though they forgot to serve our food, they didn’t say “ I’m sorry.” They just said “ What do you want to eat?” In my country, Japan, if a server forgot some food, they certainly say “I’m sorry.” This restaurant’s servers also were neither friendly nor kind, because they were unsmiling all the time, except the time we came in and went out. When we went to this restaurant, a lot of customers came to it, and it was busy. That’s why the service might have been scarce. It’s food, location, and atmosphere were excellent, but the service was terrible. If I will go to this restaurant again, I will hope that they will be polite.

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