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Monday, March 19, 2007

Temperodo Brazil

Temperodo Brazil
5628 University Way NE
Tel. (206) 563-6229

By Gabriela Souza Pedro Narjara

What do you know about the food from the country of the Carnival? Tempero Brasileiro is a Brazilian restaurant located in University District of Seattle. There you will find authentic Brazilian food, and get what you really expect from the Brazilian meal.

You should enjoy greatly one of the most famous tastes, the Feijoada. Made with black beans and pork, it’s served with fresh rice and cabbage. It is really exquisite.

The presentation of the food is interesting, colored and balanced. And the plates have a beautiful arrangement.In general the place is simple, but clean, and there is no food around and nothing is sticky or greasy.

And, also, on the menu you can find fish, meat and yummy desserts. They serve alcohol, like the typical Brazilian drink Caipirinha, which is made with lemon.

The service is pretty friendly and polite, and also, some of the employees are Brazilians.

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