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Monday, March 19, 2007

Nari Buffet

Bring Your Knight and Enjoy Your Night: Nari goes to the delicious castle

31140 Pacific Highway South
Federal Way, WA
(253) 941-8889

By Ibrahim Abdula, Chae Doo Chul, Byun Seung Keun and Yun Jai Min

In the past, kings traveled a long distance to eat delicious food. If you do not care about distance, you can eat fantastic food at low price at Nari restaurant. So, now you are a king!

You can enjoy various foods because a king never eats simply. For the same reason, Nari offers various and abundant foods. You can experience varied and unique oriental foods: Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The Japanese food: the sushi, for example, the California roll, is excellent. The roll has a sweet flavor as well as a beautiful shape. And if you were to eat sushi, you could taste sticky rice and fresh fish. In addition, you can enjoy steamed crabs in the Japanese corner.
In the Korean corner, Kimchi, Dokboki, Bulgoki and various Korean-style salads are offered by Nari. Among them, we recommend you to eat a Kimchi and Dokboki. Kimchi is internationally the well-known food. Properly, Kimchi always represents the most typical and popular food all of Korea foods. But, before you try to eat Kimchi, you just remember that it is very spicy. Dokboki is a broiled dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs and seasoning. Many students like this food, because of its sweet and hot taste. In the Chinese corner, you can taste oily, fiery and sweet dishes. The kinds of food are sweet and sour pork, fritters, noodles and shrimp dishes. If you want to eat a lot of food, you better eat Chinese food last because most Chinese foods are too fatty to digest.
Nari's food is better than similar restaurants in downtown because Nari offers delicious food. Because Nari is a kind of a buffet restaurant, you can eat without limit. But you should bear in mind that Nari doesn’t offer a peptic.Finally, the price is less expensive than other buffet restaurants. That is to say, if you have $12, you will eat your fill.

We are satisfied with their service because it is fantastic at a low price. First of all, there were three servers who come from other countries: Korea, Thailand and Russia. Therefore, we had a new experience because we had never experienced before. Secondly, the servers were kind to customers; for example, when we entered the restaurant, we were ushered to our table. Also, the waitress spoke to us in a respectful tone. In addition, when we finished the first dishes, the server cleared away the dishes quickly. Thirdly, we could see a chef who makes sushi at the bar. Finally, they have a big parking lot around the restaurant; as a result, we could conveniently park our car.

The first words that may jump to your mind when you enter Nari is "It's different"! This feeling may be caused by the lights which cover the place with a soft yellow color. The wooden tables which are well organized add more beauty to the décor. When you turn around you will see a big Korean fan placed on the wall, it adds a Korean taste to the atmosphere. One more thing you would like is the fancy clothes of the employees. It will remind you of the old Far East empires.

As the saying goes "First impressions are the most lasting." Before I entered Nari restaurant, it gave a critical impression. Although the food tastes fantastic, frankly one of us never wants to go again. We had to spend a lot of time to get there. It is very far from downtown Seattle, and is located in a very dangerous place. Can you believe that as soon as we got off the bus, we were asked by a homeless person and an alcoholic, a question like this: “Do you have change for a quarter?" It scared one of us.

Nevertheless, if you want to go there, we will let you know how to get there. Nari restaurant is located in Federal Way. Downtown Pike ST and 2nd Ave has a bus stop. You can take the 194 or 174 bus. When one and a half hours go by, you can see the huge transit center, which reads "Federal Way Transit Center." When you see that, get off the bus, and you have to walk for 10 minutes.

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