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Monday, December 08, 2008

Serious Pie

316 Virginia St.

(206) 838-7388

by Kwou Won Sul and Jiwon Min

Serious Pie is an exotic Italian-style restaurant so we recommend going there. First, Serious Pie is a good place to enjoy Italian atmosphere. When we entered the restaurant, we could see an Italian style kitchen. The kitchen was open to the diners, so we could watch the preparation of the pizza. We saw many chefs who made pizza dough and saw them baking the dough in a big cooking oven. Seeing making dough can make a pizza more delicious. It provokes an appetite by anticipating what we will have. The baker’s oven, wines, and log tables harmonize with the Italian pizza. We could feel the lively atmosphere.

Second, Serious Pie’s pizza is different from other American pizza; it is original Italian style pizza. The pizza dough was thin, crispy, and not greasy. Serious pie’s pizza has the original flavor of the toppings because they don’t mix many kinds of ingredients. It helps to feel their own flavor. We ordered a potato pizza that was made with Yukon gold potato, rosemary and olive oil. When we picked a piece of pizza, we had a faint sweet smell of rosemary. It was great! The size of the portion was appropriate at a reasonable price: about $15 per each person. It’s not that expensive for fresh ingredients. If you want to feel an exotic mood and taste Italian style pizza, go to the Serious Pie.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jade Garden

424 7th Ave S


(206) 622-8181

By Kin Tak An Yeung

Dim Sum is one of the most favorite cultural foods in Hong Kong. Now, you can taste Dim Sum in Seattle. Jade Garden Restaurant is located at 7th Ave South and Jackson Street. The atmosphere and food are the reasons that I recommend ше to everyone.

First, the atmosphere of the restaurant is similar to a Hong Kong seafood restaurant. The waitresses push Dim Sum car around. You can drink the Chinese Black tea and read the newspaper or chat with friends. It is a good place for having a general lunch with your friends.

Second, the taste of the food is fantastic. Egg Custard Tarts is the most favorite dessert in Jade Garden Restaurant. When it just comes out from the oven, the scent of egg and butter comes through your nose. Also, you can talk with the waiters about the special Dim Sum that is not on the menu.

In my opinion, 8 out of 10 is my score for this restaurant. I went to a several Dim Sum restaurants, and Jade Garden Restaurant is one of the best in Seattle area.

Saigon Deli

1237 S Jackson St # E
(206) 322-3700
By Han Ming Du and Sim Hong Min

Do you want to feel your first kiss again? If you want to, we will recommend Saigon Deli. It’s the most wonderful and inexpensive restaurant in Seattle.

The Vietnamese sandwich consisted of pickled carrots, daikons which are a sweet vegetable, onions, cilantro, and pork. It was similar to French bread, which looked like glorious gold. The bread spread its fragrance far and wide. When I bit into the bread, my lip touched hard and rough bread. This feeling was just like that touch with my girlfriend's plentiful lips. It was a little sweet, warm, and frightening. It’s really the same as my first kiss. The pickled carrots tasted like my lover's rouge. It was bland sweet and sour. Some sort of enticing sauces were mixed to make smells of mystery. All of the good staves hung out with teeth and tongue. It was very slickly and excited when we swallowed a nip of sandwich; we were almost breathless. We thought it was wonderful food. After 5 minutes, the spicy sauce made me torrid around my whole body. It was a fatal attraction.

Saigon Deli’s price was fantastic. We were very uptight about Saigon Deli's scraggly-looking store. Saigon Deli is a very small place. We didn't really care about that because we could buy sandwiches for less than $3. The cheaper food you eat, the richer you are. The food price is cheaper than bus fee. The cheapest sandwich is only $1.19 and if you want to watch a baseball game and buy a sandwich in Saigon Deli and a ticket, it costs $9. If you buy sandwich at the baseball field, it costs $14. You can save $5 each game. Saigon Deli is located nearby Safeco field. The price is very friendly to let you go to Saigon Deli every day. The food’s price allows you to go home with cash, more than just the receipt in your pocket! Come to Saigon Deli, feel it by yourself, and be rich!!!

Claim Jumper

5901 S 180th St.
Tukwila, WA 98118
(206) 575-3918

By Jing Yi Li and Hye Jung Kim

Claim Jumper is a very famous American restaurant. They have 3 branches in WA at Lynnwood, Redmond and Tukwila. They are not far from downtown so many people can drive there conveniently and enjoy delicious food.

There are many different styles of American food, such as the Clubhouse Sandwich, classic cheeseburger, meatloaf & mashed potatoes and jumbo fried shrimp. More delicious food information is here:

We actually quite enjoy this place. The food is pretty good, in our opinion. We love the Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes and the Albacore Tuna Sandwich. Their Mud Pie is also fantastic and the Chocolate Mother Lode Cake is so rich and amazing. Also, you are able to take food home and eat it as a late-night snack. The more food you get for your money, the better! The service is very good. There are always plenty of waiters around. If you have a question about the food, you can ask the waiters. They are very friendly.

We don't go here as often as we used to, but we definitely do like Claim Jumper. We recommend this restaurant for you. We really hope you’ll enjoy it.

Red Mill Burgers

312 North 67th St.
(206) 783-6362

By Yen Wen Ting and Hui Ju Liu

Red Mill Burgers is located on the Phinney Ridge. It takes 20 minutes from downtown. We recommend this restaurant. The reasons are delicious food, fresh ingredients, cheap prices and good service.

The special foods of the restaurant are burgers and milkshakes. We prefer BBQ Chicken Burger and Banana milkshake. The burger is made with BBQ Sauce, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a Kaiser Bun. These are our favorite ingredients. It is made directly for customers. The meat tastes juicy and tender.
The other reasons are price and service. The price costs around 5 to 7 dollars; it is cheaper than other restaurants. When we go to the restaurant, we feel the waiter is kind to us, and friendly. These are the reasons why we recommend this restaurant.

Fox Sports Grill

1522 6th Avenue
(206) 340-1369

By Gwiim Jung and Mu Il Kim

We don’t recommend to you the Fox Sports Grill for reasons that atmosphere and service are bad.

The Fox Sports Grill has sports style. It’s casual and active, but very noisy and dark. If you want comfortable dining, you wouldn’t like it.

They have variety of American food, such as salads, grilled salmon, and sandwiches. Most of the food isn’t bad, except for the pasta. We don’t want to recommend you pasta because the taste is flat, but the other food isn’t bad. When you order a pizza, you can choose topping. However, the price of most of the food is a little expensive in comparison with the taste of food. For example, the cheapest pasta dish costs $ 13.

Another example is some staff are unkind. When we entered the restaurant and asked for our seats, the greeter was unkind. She ignored our asking. After we asked again, she responded slowly and indirectly. While we were eating dinner, we felt uncomfortable because of greeter.

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