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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Olive Garden

Taste of Italy

310 Stander Blvd. Southcenter Mall Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 241-4899

Sun-Thurs: 11 am - 10 pm Fri-Sat: 11 am - 11 pm
by Lidija Todorovic and Faustine Chenu

The Seattle area has many different restaurants, which serve delectable food and beverages. Every one of them has something special and unique. The attractive Mediterranean exterior of Olive Garden would fascinate everybody. Also the name of the restaurant is well related to Italy. “Olive” makes you think of the typical olive oil from Italy and “Garden” of fresh food. Olive Garden is a great place to relax, enjoy tasty food and be served efficiently.

The restaurant is situated in the South Center mall; there is a lot of parking.

The interior of the restaurant looks like a house. There is a fireplace in the middle of the room with many tables around it. Moreover, it features wooden details, yellowish walls decorated with couple of pictures, which increases a comfortable feeling. Also you don’t need to dress up; you can enjoy your meal in this untypical d├ęcor for dinner or for lunch with simplicity.

A great smell of food perfumes the restaurant when you enter. This Italian restaurant offers a menu with many different choices of pasta, antipasti, soups, salads, pizza, meat, fish and seafood. The salty and flavored breadsticks are well made with a tasty flavor. The combination of either soup or salads and pasta with seafood costs only $ 13.97 and you will probably like to have a glass of sparkling Italian wine as well for $ 7.99. However, some of the meals go from $6.75 for some antipasti to $ 21.75 for a more complete meal.

You can expect a friendly and warm welcome when you come in. The service is done by waitresses who are well-informed and professional. They can help and advice you about the choice of food. If you expect something fast, it might not be the good restaurant for you, because you might wait before the waitresses found a seat for you. But when you are seated the food would come pretty fast.

This restaurant is perfect if you want to savor a tasty authentic Italian cuisine; moreover, it’s a friendly and family place where you can come with your friends, family member or children.

Gordon Biersch

Little German Brewery in Seattle, Only for You

4th level, Pacific Place
(206) 405-4205

by Kyung Hoon Kim, Kohei Nagao, and Cheng-Yang Wu

Gordon Biersch absolutely attracts people with the enticing smell of pizza and German beer. It has proper location, an enjoyable atmosphere, appetizing food with German beer, and a quality service; therefore, this place is usually crowded with people looking blissful.

First, the location is perfect that nobody can have any complaints. This mall is a well-known building in downtown Seattle because there are many shops in which people are interested. If you are thinking of how to get there, you will feel free since it has a spacious parking lot and bus stops near the mall.

Second, the restaurant has an enjoyable atmosphere. For example, it is spacious enough to put 400 people together. There is free seating in the main dining, bar, patio, and private dining room. It has dim light inside restaurant; therefore, we feel relaxed and comfortable. There are also several TV sets and different channels on them; consequently, you can enjoy your meal and beer with many kinds of sports games. Doesn’t it sound fun and relaxing?

Third, this restaurant primarily serves pizza and German beer made in their own brewery in addition to a variety of salads, pasta, and steak. They have several kinds of pizza such as Garlic & chicken, Hawaiian, Mozzarella, and Pepperoni Pizza. What is the most unique thing in the restaurant is that they make their own beer like Marzen, Hefeweizen, and Golden Export. They are refreshing, tasty, and energizing. Especially, our recommendation is Roasted Garlic & Chicken Pizza with Marzen which is the most popular beer. This beer is mildly sweet and smooth. What could be more pleasant on the weekend?

Last, the restaurant has fantastic service. The great thing is that they have their own brewery. It’s totally cool, neat, and unusual that a restaurant has a brewery, so they have a confidence of their beer, and they serve the beer with smile. Also, they serve your meals quickly, so you don’t get bored while waiting for your food. Waiters or waitresses frequently come over to your table to ask how you are with food or whether you are satisfied with your meal. Of course, you will be fine with your food because everything is so perfect.

To sum up, Gordon Biersch has excellent advantages which are a convenient location, a fabulous atmosphere, flavorful food, and great service. Probably, they will make you super pleased. We recommend this restaurant for it has no single thing that we don’t like this place. We would like you to confirm how we felt. Who would say that they are fed up with a normal Friday evening having pizza with beer after watching a movie? Drinking fascinating German beer and eating yummy pizza are a blessing. It is euphoria.

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