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Monday, March 19, 2007

Le Panier

1902 Pike Street

(206) 441-3669

by Mohammed Al-Naim and Alali Sultan

Le Panier is a French bakery that has amazing food and a great atmosphere. You smell the fresh bread from two blocks away.

Le Panier has a good selection of fresh food. You can have sandwiches, like the Dinde ($5.50), which is Turkey, or the Roast Beef ($5.50), or you can have the Classic French breads, for example, the Ficelle ($1.25) or the Miche ($2.95). The smell of the sandwiches is amazing, like everything else.

The atmosphere in the bakery is delightful. They decorate the wall with fake breads to get the buyers attention. And the smell in there releases your appetite. And the best place to sit is at the counter next to the window. Then you can see the market.

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