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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Japanese Gourmet

82 Stewart Street

(206) 728-6204

by Nga My Duong, Hiromi Kato and Javiera Olivares Iriarte

We recommend Japanese Gourmet because of the delicious tastes and the comfortable environment.

The food is really tasty and fresh. The dishes keep their pure taste. Sometimes we could smell sweet smells when the food was cooked. The meat is very soft and mild. Lunch was served with a salad, which tasted sweet and sour at the same time, and Miso, the traditional Japanese soup that has a salty taste and is really delicious. When we ate we also felt the freshness of many ingredients, such as: chicken meat, salad and peas. The dishes were served fast and hot because the chef immediately prepared them after we ordered.

When we stayed there we felt comfortable because the environment is tranquil. The light was not too bright and they had soft illumination. That is why it was comfortable. The music is quiet enough you can talk while you are eating. The music is only instrumental, a kind of Asian music with string instruments. The entire restaurant is decorated with harmonious color furniture.If you are tired of North American food everyday you should try the Japanese Gourmet at Pike Place Market.
Japanese Gourmet Restaurant
from Gyeongwon Lee 6/08
Have you ever tasted great Asian food? I think most people have not had that experience. I went to a Japanese restaurant near Pike Place Market. Do you think I had a nice experience or not? Fortunately, Japanese Gourmet, where I went to have lunch, was great restaurant because the taste and atmosphere were good. First, the taste was nice. I ordered a shrimp roll, which had no smell and made a crunchy sound. Also, Curry Udon was good because the noodles were chewy and had a faint sweet smell.And the atmosphere looked oriental and modern. Chimes made an occult mood. Black, red and white interior decorations looked like traditional oriental things. Also, the illumination was modern style. The lighting was mellow and square frames were refined.For these reasons, I was satisfied with the restaurant. If I had gone to another restaurant, I might have had a complaint. But the restaurant gave me pleasantness. So I encourage you to go there.
from Asami 2/13/09

Their service was good because they were kind, and they made me relaxed. For example, they readily led us to the table, and they offered us hot tea. They also served us with dishes we ordered quickly. We didn’t wait for dishes for a long time. But one of them removed our dishes from the table very quickly without asking us “Are you done?”. It was sort of uncomfortable. Anyway, we had a good time at the restaurant.
from Selina 2/13/09

Japanese Gourmet is an amazing restaurant because it provides fantastic dishes. All meals are fresh, clean, artistic, and delicious. The salad is tasty and makes you want to eat more. The miso soup is very easy to eat because it is not too hot, but warm. The meat and seafood are tender and not too salty. Moreover, all dishes are cheap and big. For example, a special meal includes a miso soup, a salad, some vegetables, two pieces of chicken, and rice. It just costs 9 dollars. Please go there and enjoy this wonderful restaurant.
from Sabrina 2/13/09
Japanese Gourmet restaurant is good place to enjoy lunch time, because atmosphere can let people feel relaxed and comfortable. First, when you go into the restaurant you can see the Japanese painting and decoration like a general Japanese restaurant. Because it is not splendid, you will not worry too much about etiquette. It appears simple and plain. Second, the restaurant uses red and black color and adds the yellow light to make the restaurant not bright and little dim. The restaurant is not very large but it doesn’t feel crowded.

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