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Monday, March 19, 2007

Turkish Delight

1930 Pike Place

(206) 443-1387

by Soon Hyun Hong, Alaa Shaheen and Meshari Albalud

Turkish Delight is a unique restaurant that has a nice atmosphere and a special taste.

If you are looking for a good restaurant that has something special, I recommend this place without a moment’s hesitation. When you enter this restaurant, you can easily see the exotic menu panel. Although a menu panel is written in Turkish, it is attractive because the font and letters are unique. Moreover there are various beautiful posters hanging on the wall which are harmony with the unique restaurant’s ambience. The restaurant has a nice view. Sometimes through the window you can see a ferry on Puget Sound and even people who are walking around the green park, all making you feel comfortable.

“Delicious dish and special taste!” This is what we say after we finish eating. They serve such great food, like Kebab ($7.50), Hummus ($5.50) and Rice with Chicken ($9.30). Their food seems like homemade food. It reminded us of our mothers’ cooking. You will not recognize that you are eating in a restaurant. Finally, it is a great restaurant and we recommend it for you.

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