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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Athenian Inn

The fame will blow away with the taste.
Pike Pl # 1517 Seattle WA 98101

by Seul, Hoyoung

- If you want to eat ‘good’ meal, be not fascinated by the name.
Have you ever heard the Korean expression about a well-known place? It’s “In the famous banquet, there is not special food.” The Athenian, which was shown in the movie named “Sleepless in Seattle”, is one of the famous restaurants in Seattle. We went there to figure out whether the expression is right, or not.

We ordered three kinds of meal; a sandwich, called Athenian Steak Sandwich, a Ravidi and Spaghetti and a Bacon and Egg Salad. When we received all of our meals we felt a little bit disappointed since those were totally different from what we had expected. First, our sandwich, even though they said it’s a special of the Athenian, was poor. The meat was too tough so that we couldn’t cut it well. Not only was there just meat and bread, but the taste was similar to what we can buy in a convenient store. Despairingly, our spaghetti was not so attractive or tempting because there was not any decoration and the oil and sauce were separated. Sorrowfully, the salad was also not fresh at all, like cold pizza. Besides, the quantity of food was less than the regular American style!
However, this place has sort of a good thing. Since there were lots of places to eat, we didn’t have to wait for a long time, and the waiters and waitresses were kind when they served food. Also, this place was in the movie or has pretty nice view. However, we don’t want to recommend this restaurant in spite of merits.
As you already feel, we found the answer. That expression is totally right. The restaurant was worse than our minimum expectation. If you want to see a celebrated sight, we can recommend this place, but if you really want good food in Seattle, we can say that here in Seattle, there are more than a hundred restaurants which have a little bit better food than Athenian Inn!

The Pink Door

The delicious door into Italy

1919 post alley pike place market
Seattle, WA 98101
TEL 206 443 3241

By Houjin Yoon and Ahmed Gazzaz

Most cities in the United States have Italian restaurants because they are popular. But even though there are a lot of restaurants, it doesn’t mean that every restaurant gives us satisfaction. Where can you find a restaurant with a variety of meals, good location and nice service? The reason why we want to recommend the Pink door is the restaurant has all of these things.

When we go to a restaurant, the most important thing is food. When we went to The Pink door, the food was great. Not only had the Pink door diverse menus but also the dishes were awesome. We ordered 3 kinds of food. Those were the Linguine Ally Vongole (pasta), the Cheese Board Deluxe (4 different kinds of cheese with a homemade cracker) and the Penn Cove Mussels and Clams. When we received those foods, their decorations and smells made us feel hungrier and expect their tastes more. The restaurant used fresh ingredients, so when we ate mussels and clams, they were chewy. The cheese with cracker was also great. We could enjoy different tastes of cheese and the cracker was savory and crisp. And the noodles of pasta were chewy and the smell of garlic was nice.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was enough to make us enjoy our time. It was located near the waterfront so while we were eating we could enjoy our delicious foods with a nice view with sunshine. Inside of the restaurant, the atmosphere was totally different. It was decorated as antique style. If you went to the restaurant, you could feel that you are in two different restaurants.

In addition, the waitresses were very kind and friendly while we were eating. They made us feel comfortable.

The pink door gave us an excellent time in various parts. It was nicer than we expected. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant to have a great time with your dear people, we recommend the Pink door strongly.

Lowell’s Restaurant

Sweet Date With Seafood
Have you ever eaten seafood in a beautiful place ?
If you want to have a nice time with seafood, I’d like to recommend you to go to Lowell’s Restaurant, because it has really delicious food and beautiful views.

First, There are many kinds of seafood, including Fried Shrimp and Fried Potatoes, shellfish, crab, etc….. And It’s better to order Fried Shrimp and Fried Potatoes which we ordered. They are really delicious and delicate and flaky. While you are chewing, you can feel a newly born vibration. Also, the red sauce seemed to be really pretty, and the smell is nice. The potatoes’ taste was so fantastic and amazing. Even though the potatoes and shrimps were fried, they were not greasy and the vegetables were so fresh in salad. The food was fresh, like vegetables which are just from the refrigerator.

Second, Lowell’s is located in the Pike Place Market, so it is easy to find. Also, the outward appearance of the restaurant is beautiful. It looks like the sun in the sky. If you go inside, you can see the waterfront, big ferries, a beautiful horizon. You can imagine as if you are in Miami or Rio De Janiero beaches.

In conclusion, it is a good choice to go with your family or your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Morever, if you want delicious food or beautiful location, just go there.
If you want to have a good time, you should go there and enjoy the time.

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