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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pike Place Bagels

1525 First Avenue
(206) 521-9431

by Rocio Olivares Iriarte and Talal Al-Najem

Pike Place Bagel is an excellent place, because it has delicious bagels and a very friendly atmosphere.

This place has wonderful, sweet bagels for breakfast and very well-cooked bagel sandwiches for other meals. For example, the Tuna Sandwich is a delicious meal. It has tuna with a salad that is made with tomato, lettuce and onions. It smells fresh. The Egg Salad is a very good sandwich, too. It tastes similar to a hamburger and smells like it. The prices are very economical; you can have the Egg Salad sandwich for only $4.95 and the Tuna Salad for $4.75.

This place has a very friendly atmosphere, too. The ladies that attend the place are very nice and always have a smile for you. The music is relaxing and it is not too loud, so you can find there a very good place for conversation. You can see families and groups of friends in this place. It has a counter in front of the windows. There you can watch the people, walking on the street and you can eat by yourself if you want to.

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