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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bacco Café & Bistro

86 Pine Street
(206) 443-5443

We recommend Bacco Café & Bistro because of the delicious taste and the warm place.

We ate the Vegetarian Sandwich and the Roast Beef Sandwich with side dishes of potato salad. The sandwiches were very savory, but the potato salad tasted unusual. The cheese in the sandwiches was aromatic. The Roast Beef Sandwich with slices of roast beef and some fresh mixed vegetable inside, was very good because the beef was scrumptious. When we ate the Vegetarian Sandwich we felt healthy because of the many kinds of vegetables, like: carrot cucumber, tomato, spinach and red cabbage. The potato salad had a different taste for us. That taste was a little sweet, sour and cheesy. We could taste many flavors at the same time.

When we stayed there we felt comfortable because the place was not big and the waiter took care of us. The place was small and simple, so we felt cozy and we could relax. And when we ate, the waiter asked us “How’s everything?” with a smile, several times. They took good care of us.

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