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Monday, December 08, 2008

Serious Pie

316 Virginia St.

(206) 838-7388

by Kwou Won Sul and Jiwon Min

Serious Pie is an exotic Italian-style restaurant so we recommend going there. First, Serious Pie is a good place to enjoy Italian atmosphere. When we entered the restaurant, we could see an Italian style kitchen. The kitchen was open to the diners, so we could watch the preparation of the pizza. We saw many chefs who made pizza dough and saw them baking the dough in a big cooking oven. Seeing making dough can make a pizza more delicious. It provokes an appetite by anticipating what we will have. The baker’s oven, wines, and log tables harmonize with the Italian pizza. We could feel the lively atmosphere.

Second, Serious Pie’s pizza is different from other American pizza; it is original Italian style pizza. The pizza dough was thin, crispy, and not greasy. Serious pie’s pizza has the original flavor of the toppings because they don’t mix many kinds of ingredients. It helps to feel their own flavor. We ordered a potato pizza that was made with Yukon gold potato, rosemary and olive oil. When we picked a piece of pizza, we had a faint sweet smell of rosemary. It was great! The size of the portion was appropriate at a reasonable price: about $15 per each person. It’s not that expensive for fresh ingredients. If you want to feel an exotic mood and taste Italian style pizza, go to the Serious Pie.

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