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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Saigon Deli

1237 S Jackson St # E
(206) 322-3700
By Han Ming Du and Sim Hong Min

Do you want to feel your first kiss again? If you want to, we will recommend Saigon Deli. It’s the most wonderful and inexpensive restaurant in Seattle.

The Vietnamese sandwich consisted of pickled carrots, daikons which are a sweet vegetable, onions, cilantro, and pork. It was similar to French bread, which looked like glorious gold. The bread spread its fragrance far and wide. When I bit into the bread, my lip touched hard and rough bread. This feeling was just like that touch with my girlfriend's plentiful lips. It was a little sweet, warm, and frightening. It’s really the same as my first kiss. The pickled carrots tasted like my lover's rouge. It was bland sweet and sour. Some sort of enticing sauces were mixed to make smells of mystery. All of the good staves hung out with teeth and tongue. It was very slickly and excited when we swallowed a nip of sandwich; we were almost breathless. We thought it was wonderful food. After 5 minutes, the spicy sauce made me torrid around my whole body. It was a fatal attraction.

Saigon Deli’s price was fantastic. We were very uptight about Saigon Deli's scraggly-looking store. Saigon Deli is a very small place. We didn't really care about that because we could buy sandwiches for less than $3. The cheaper food you eat, the richer you are. The food price is cheaper than bus fee. The cheapest sandwich is only $1.19 and if you want to watch a baseball game and buy a sandwich in Saigon Deli and a ticket, it costs $9. If you buy sandwich at the baseball field, it costs $14. You can save $5 each game. Saigon Deli is located nearby Safeco field. The price is very friendly to let you go to Saigon Deli every day. The food’s price allows you to go home with cash, more than just the receipt in your pocket! Come to Saigon Deli, feel it by yourself, and be rich!!!

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