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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fox Sports Grill

1522 6th Avenue
(206) 340-1369

By Gwiim Jung and Mu Il Kim

We don’t recommend to you the Fox Sports Grill for reasons that atmosphere and service are bad.

The Fox Sports Grill has sports style. It’s casual and active, but very noisy and dark. If you want comfortable dining, you wouldn’t like it.

They have variety of American food, such as salads, grilled salmon, and sandwiches. Most of the food isn’t bad, except for the pasta. We don’t want to recommend you pasta because the taste is flat, but the other food isn’t bad. When you order a pizza, you can choose topping. However, the price of most of the food is a little expensive in comparison with the taste of food. For example, the cheapest pasta dish costs $ 13.

Another example is some staff are unkind. When we entered the restaurant and asked for our seats, the greeter was unkind. She ignored our asking. After we asked again, she responded slowly and indirectly. While we were eating dinner, we felt uncomfortable because of greeter.

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