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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thai 65

by Asami, Selina and Sabrina

The Special Thai Restaurant in Seattle

93 Marion Street
Downtown Seattle

We like Thai 65 because it is special: modern, traditional, friendlier than most restaurants, and we control our orders.

Thai 65 is a fabulous restaurant because it has delicious food and more friendly servers than most restaurants. First, the waiters entertained us very cordially and led us to take a seat in seconds. Then, we told the waiter we needed to order later because we needed to wait for a friend. They were polite to pour water and left us quietly. When we had a meal, they poured water constantly and asked us “Is everything OK?” to check how we felt. They cleaned the table after we finished the meal. Finally, the price is not expensive and everyone could afford it. You can invite your friends to come to Thai 65 restaurant next time.

There are many good points of their dishes. Also, of course their dishes are tasty, delicious, and very nice, and what’s more, it gives us a feeling of contentment. First, Thai food is fundamentally spicy, but in this restaurant’s case, we can choose level of spice. There are five levels: levels zero to four. Therefore, you can enjoy their dishes, even if, you don’t like spicy food. Second, we can choose several kinds of food, because there are many set menu for each lunch and dinner, and they call these dishes “Combo”. “Combo” means a combination of different types of dishes, it means, three different kinds of Thai food on one plate. So, we are able to try some different tastes at one time. We don’t need to choose one, and puzzle over which to choose. I think it is good point especially for women. Third, their plates add to the visual prettiness of the food, so they are very appetizing. They have many sorts of vegetables, so these are very colorful and beautiful. We can enjoy the dishes with my sight. Lastly, we were really satisfied about their dishes, and we think we want to go there again. In addition, we want to recommend the restaurant to our family or friends.

Thai 65 is an excellent and special restaurant because it is a modern and traditional restaurant. Its exterior is a big show window full with traditional displays and a modern gate. The interior of this restaurant has some black tables and chairs, vermilion doorframes, flaxen walls, bright crystal lights, soft rock music, and Asian waiters. Moreover, there is a fashionable bar that is arranged with a black table and red chairs. There are also some Thai pictures and decorations, like elephants, fish, and Buddhist images, on the walls. In addition to the pictures of animals, there is the Thai King and Queen’s picture on the counter. It is a very good place to realize what the Thai style restaurant is. Try it and have fun.

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