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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Red Mill Burgers

312 North 67th St.
(206) 783-6362

By Yen Wen Ting and Hui Ju Liu

Red Mill Burgers is located on the Phinney Ridge. It takes 20 minutes from downtown. We recommend this restaurant. The reasons are delicious food, fresh ingredients, cheap prices and good service.

The special foods of the restaurant are burgers and milkshakes. We prefer BBQ Chicken Burger and Banana milkshake. The burger is made with BBQ Sauce, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a Kaiser Bun. These are our favorite ingredients. It is made directly for customers. The meat tastes juicy and tender.
The other reasons are price and service. The price costs around 5 to 7 dollars; it is cheaper than other restaurants. When we go to the restaurant, we feel the waiter is kind to us, and friendly. These are the reasons why we recommend this restaurant.

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