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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Athenian Inn

The fame will blow away with the taste.
Pike Pl # 1517 Seattle WA 98101

by Seul, Hoyoung

- If you want to eat ‘good’ meal, be not fascinated by the name.
Have you ever heard the Korean expression about a well-known place? It’s “In the famous banquet, there is not special food.” The Athenian, which was shown in the movie named “Sleepless in Seattle”, is one of the famous restaurants in Seattle. We went there to figure out whether the expression is right, or not.

We ordered three kinds of meal; a sandwich, called Athenian Steak Sandwich, a Ravidi and Spaghetti and a Bacon and Egg Salad. When we received all of our meals we felt a little bit disappointed since those were totally different from what we had expected. First, our sandwich, even though they said it’s a special of the Athenian, was poor. The meat was too tough so that we couldn’t cut it well. Not only was there just meat and bread, but the taste was similar to what we can buy in a convenient store. Despairingly, our spaghetti was not so attractive or tempting because there was not any decoration and the oil and sauce were separated. Sorrowfully, the salad was also not fresh at all, like cold pizza. Besides, the quantity of food was less than the regular American style!
However, this place has sort of a good thing. Since there were lots of places to eat, we didn’t have to wait for a long time, and the waiters and waitresses were kind when they served food. Also, this place was in the movie or has pretty nice view. However, we don’t want to recommend this restaurant in spite of merits.
As you already feel, we found the answer. That expression is totally right. The restaurant was worse than our minimum expectation. If you want to see a celebrated sight, we can recommend this place, but if you really want good food in Seattle, we can say that here in Seattle, there are more than a hundred restaurants which have a little bit better food than Athenian Inn!

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