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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Water Taco Grill

Blue Water is Yummy but Bumpy!

1000 2nd Ave.
(206) 838-1857

By Ali and Noi

We like to have Mexican food and we sometimes have a meal at a restaurant that has good atmosphere. Therefore, we went and had lunch at Blue Water Taco Grill restaurant in downtown Seattle. When we arrived at the restaurant, it was small, very crowded and very busy. Additionally, there were only six seats inside. There was no place to even put a backpack and jacket. The decor of restaurant was plain and nothing attractive.

Furthermore, the server never smiled. When I wanted to take a photo of the menus, she didn’t permit me. Also she made an expression of being unpleased. However, it was clean and bright. In conclusion, we feel that at restaurants not only the food should be good but the atmosphere also is important. We felt uncomfortable and unappreciated and we will not be going back.

We tried a taco plate ($6.80). It has ground chicken and ground beef with lettuce and many kinds of ingredients. I think the Mexican sauce is the best. I felt pleasured when I ate my dish with small bread. It was so delicious. Noi liked Steak Burritos ($6.50) because of the soft smell and the taste was creamy and warm. Tim and his little son had taco salads with beef ($7.10) and a fish taco ($3.10). This is a favorite salad for Tim because it was fresh. I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to visit this restaurant again.

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